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GROMEX brush grommets assist to improve the energy efficiency and air sealing performance of data center by preventing leakage from the raised floor void when Cable cutouts are made in the Access Floor panels.

Gromex Brush Grommet

GROMEX brush grommets are designed to be installed during construction stage to effectively seal raised floor tile cutouts for cable openings prior to the installation of power and data cables.

Grommets are considered necessary for Server Room, Data Center, Telecom Room, MDX Room facilities. 

When Raised Access Floor panels are cut for cable penetrations, they need to be sealed in order to maintain underfloor cooling air pressure integrity.

Split Grommets available to be used with already existing cable penetrations. These grommets are designed to be fixed without disturbing the cables already installed through the floor tile.

These are excellent choice for retrofit installation for sealing cable cutouts

Standard Models & Specifications

You can obtain these items fully customized to your requirement at factory prices