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Gordon containment
Hot Aisle Containment

Data Build Technologies provide Data Center Aisle Containment system from the leading Data Center Ceiling & Wall Manufacturer GORDON incHot Aisle and Cold Aisle containment system controls cold or hot air within the data center. 

By separating hot and cold air with the use of aisle containment results in increased return air temperature back to the CRAC unit allowing it to run more efficiently.  

Savings of 20-40% in cooling costs is achievable from optimum data center cooling performance, creating a strong ROI for the facility. 

Features :

  • Custom designed and built to the constraints of the installation
    Clear fire-rated polycarbonate paneling.
  • Sturdy aluminum frame.
    Custom built to specification.
  • Tight tolerances for precise fit.
  • Brush along bottom edge for air block.

Applications of DataCEL II Data Center Containment Wall Systems

  • Hot aisle chimneys
  • Creating a containment wall where there are no cabinets
  • Extending offset aisles
  • CR AC hoods

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